This blog aims to follow the restoration of SRJ No. 16, later SJ No.33, by the Roslagsbanans Veterantågsforeningen in Stockholm, as well as our ongoing maintenance of a vintage train on the Roslagsbanan. This is a personal view of our activities, the official site of our group (in Swedish) is linked above.

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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Cleaning and decorating, painting and electrics

 This evening we cleaned and decorated the operating set for our traditional pre-Christmas Luciatåg.  Micke starting up No.37.  The pantographs are pneumatic, so once the compressed air has leaked off, we need to hold them against the overhead line until the compressor recharges the system.

We then proceeded to decorate,

stars in the from windows of each railcar.

 Tinsel and other decorations inside.

We have had a few electrical issues with No.35.  Here the electric team are checking the schematics.

Work continues on No.33.  More painting inside and down below.  The recovering of the floor in new hardboard is almost complete.

Best regards from Stockholm, George!