This blog aims to follow the restoration of SRJ No. 16, later SJ No.33, by the Roslagsbanans Veterantågsforeningen in Stockholm, as well as our ongoing maintenance of a vintage train on the Roslagsbanan. This is a personal view of our activities, the official site of our group (in Swedish) is linked above.

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Monday, 28 November 2016

Running fleet maintainance and further progress on No33

I arrived last Tuesday evening to find No.37, our youngest railcar (1938) ticking over outside the railcar shed

One of the heating circuits had developed a fault, the tracing of which involved leaving the railcar outside with one circuit powered for a while and then seeing what worked and what didn't!  Here a modern service train passes.

Inside I found a pair of legs sticking out of No.35!  A nasty accident?

Actually it was Soren and Daniel measuring and checking the carbon brushes on the traction motors.

In front of No.35, Micke was painting the luggage racks for No33, a local band (ABBA) playing on the stereo.

Back over on the other side of the mainline, Bengt and Lasse were busy adding a final layer of varnish to No33 while I was adding another layer of paint to the saloon ceiling

 (photo by Henrik on my camera!)                                         

Henrik meanwhile had finished off painting more of the internal doors, which now await refitting of glass and metal fittings.

 No.37 still sitting outside, ticking over as the mist rolled in.


Tuesday, 8 November 2016

A wintery November Tuesday

November and December are normally the grey months in Stockholm so, for me at any rate, the arrival of snow this week has been very welcome!  It has been snowing gently for almost a week now, not much, but enough to cover everything and make it sparkle.

Anyway, back to No.33.  After a month away due to the rather dramatic arrival of our first child, it was good to get back on with this project.  Unfortunatly no-one had finished painting the ceiling while I was gone, so it was back to that task.  The first top-coat had gone on a bit rough - end of an old can of paint, so a good rub down and the first half up to second top-coat.  I think one more and this will be declared finished.

While I was away, Lasse and Bengt have been busy rubbing down the exterior for its last coat of varnish.

More fittings continue to be added to the exterior, the various protectors for the brake column at B-end as well as the gate on the end door are recent additions.  Valves and airbrake pipes (2 at each end) have also made an appearance.

Hopefully this post should herald somewhat more frequent posts on the progress with No.33, especially as our sailing ship is in dry dock for some fairly extensive timber replacement this winter, that's her at the end, beyond Sunbeam, an old Lowestoft trawler, so she will prvide less of a distraction for a while!

best regards from snowy Stockholm, George!