This blog aims to follow the restoration of SRJ No. 16, later SJ No.33, by the Roslagsbanans Veterantågsforeningen in Stockholm, as well as our ongoing maintenance of a vintage train on the Roslagsbanan. This is a personal view of our activities, the official site of our group (in Swedish) is linked above.

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Thursday, 8 February 2018

A short update

Just a short update this time to report steady progress on all fronts.  While the electrical guys were over chasing down a problem with No.35, Bengt Henrik and I continued work on No.33

I have continued to upgrade the finish in A-end cab.  Originally this gap had been left in the partition between the drivers position and the rest of the cab.  It probably resulted in either shrinkage over the last 99 years or so, or possibly crash damage.  Either way, I decided to fill the fracture.

By the end of the evening, a small fillet of wood shaped and glued in place.  Several other holes have been filled and sanded back awaiting new paint next time.

In B-end saloon, all the seats are now fixed in place.

In A-end saloon, the radiators are now all fixed in place and you can see the new triangular trim on the left-hand side that Henrik has been making.  We bought in some trim but the size was wrong so Henrik has been making this from solid.  Elsewhere, Mike has been fitting new insulation panels between various high voltage components in the electricals cabinets, Bengt has been installing glass in internal doors and we continue to touch-up, clean and reattach numerous details.

all the best from Stockholm, George!