This blog aims to follow the restoration of SRJ No. 16, later SJ No.33, by the Roslagsbanans Veterantågsforeningen in Stockholm, as well as our ongoing maintenance of a vintage train on the Roslagsbanan. This is a personal view of our activities, the official site of our group (in Swedish) is linked above.

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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Sorry for the lack of updates, work has taken me back to the Swedish Arctic last week.  Here you can see the Inlandsbana at Kåbdalis, just south of the Arctic Circle in one of the last trains of the year

Back at Stockholms Östra, Bosse and Henrik are re-fitting the sand boxes to B-end cab.  The floor over the traction motor lifts up to give us access - sort of!

Here is the base of the sandbox in place.  It contains the air jet that blows the sand into the pipe and down to the rail, this is now under the floor.  A hopper bolts ontop, fixed with those butterfly nuts

In B-end saloon I have now finished fitting the new trim to the ceiling, covering the gap between two large hardboard boards.  Painting of the ceiling in here can now begin.  One more piece of trim to fit in A-end saloon, and the rails beween the walls and ceiling, then several coats of paint ...

Following the Stockholm Steam Ship event 2 weeks ago, this weekend the Maritime Museum held a sailing ship event.  Above is Deodar, a Brixham Trawler from 1911 in very original condition and beautifully maintained by her owners.  There was also a Lowestoft trawler (Sunbeam of 1905), a couple of schooners (one of which I'm involved with) and several other sailing ships in attendance.  St Erik was in steam again and all was available for free!

Fieldwork is over for the season so reports should become somewhat more regular from now.  Best regards from Stockholm, George!

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