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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Brakes floors and the trimmings

Micke and Lasse S were re-installing the handbrake at B-end

Micke tightening the bolts for the bracket on the inside of the headstock

On the outside of the headstock sits another bracket on which the vertical column turns.  Here you can see the linkage in place.

Behind is a large curved link that transfers the movement of the brake shaft around the headstock and to the horizontal.  Now all in primer.

Inside, Lasse C and Bengt have begun laying a hardboard skin on top of the old floorboards as a precurser to laying new lino.  If you look closely you can see the pencil marks that they are using to show where the joints in the floorboards are, i.e. where not to nail down the hardboard!

More small details painted up and added.  Here one of the mounts for the ceiling vents.  We must remember to cut a hole in the roof canvas for this one before we mount the inside vents themselves or this one will not work so well!

I've started to add the trim between the walls and the ceiling.

Covers for the cable runs below the doors also being added and painted up.

Lasse has been working on the monitor/regulator for the dry air machine we are installing in 880, our 1914 built carriage.  He had it nicely set up at home, calibrated to 3 other devices.  By the time he got it back to the shed it was way off again ...  My suggestion of dipping it in boiling water to set the 100% level was not so well received.

best regards from Stockholm Östra, George!

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