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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Holes and floors, a radiator and a special

We found two almost identical holes beneath the end doors on 33 that led into the gap between the double floor.  We are not sure of they were meant to be there, but we certainly didn't want them ...

... so we plugged them.

Inside, the floor of B-end cab shows why.  The lighter groove behind the door strip is where Bengt has dug out the rotten oak.  He then made a couple of inserts (one can be seen to the right of the door) that were then glued and screwed into place.

Then he laid new floorboards leaving this area ready for new hardboard and lino.

Over on the operating set, Soren was replacing a radiator on No.37.  I presume one of the drivers compained it was not working during the pre-Christmas specials ...   Still, 78 years from a heater is not bad going!

No. 35 is going out on a charter this Sunday and the request was for tables.  So Micke set up the tables and gave the interior a good clean.  Elsewhere I continued painting the ceiling of No.33 while Henrik was painting the luggage racks.

All the best from Stockholm, George!

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