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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Catching up again ...

Apologies for the lack of updates, no reflection on the amount of work going on at Stockholms Östra, just been a wee bit busy myself ...

Anyway, Our open day was a great success, no idea how many visitors we had but there always seemed to be a pleasing number of people exploring the shed, including an encouraging number of youngsters!

While we couldn't bring visitors across the tracks this year, we had both operational railcars outside ticking over in the sun.

Work continues on No.33.  Henrik is renovating one of the interior doors, this one I think belongs to one of the driving cabs.

I continue with the interior of B-end saloon.  Now painting the final part of the ceiling as well as touching up details such as this emergancy light housing.

Lasse has fitted new brake hoses at both ends as well as the shut-off valves. (The blue line is the jumper cable for electic power to the heaters in the passenger carriages)

Having re-fitted the hoses, he then charged the air system from our large compressor in order to blow the dust and dirt out of the brake system.  It was good to see something regestering on the gauges for a change.  We also took the chance to re-test the horn ...

We continue to fettle the running set for this summers running.  The set should be out every weekend in July and August, I'll post more details soon.

No.37 on the left, No.35 on the right.

The carriages still live outside, hopefully we will get them under cover soon, then we can do something to refresh No880, nearest the camera.

 Our locomotive, No.54 continues to reside at the end of the siding.  Unfortunatly a low priority as there are a scarcity of run-round loops on the modern Roslagsbana and having no passenger seats, it is deadweight in one direction when we run our usual push-pull set.  One day however ...

and one of those other distractions that have kept me busy ...

Constantia in dry dock while we fitted a new false keel ...

 ... and back out under full sail in the Stockholm Archipelago a couple of weeks later.

As ever, all the best from Stockholm, George!

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