This blog aims to follow the restoration of SRJ No. 16, later SJ No.33, by the Roslagsbanans Veterantågsforeningen in Stockholm, as well as our ongoing maintenance of a vintage train on the Roslagsbanan. This is a personal view of our activities, the official site of our group (in Swedish) is linked above.

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Sunday, 24 December 2017

No.33, doors seats and radiators

The current focus of activity is on fitting out the interior.  All but one door has been hung and work is focused on door furnature, making sure everything swings or slides smoothly, and glazing.  For what was a very basic 3rd class commuter railcar, there are still some nice ornate touches.

We have also test fitted one radiator with all the associated blocks, channels and spacers.

Spot the deliberate mistake?  No, we didn't either ...

The attachment point for the earth cable is at the other end of the radiator!  We will need to cut back the new cables and drill a new hole at the other end of the cable channels.

Everything in place, gives an idea of how things will look.  Trim to be added along the edge of the cable channels that run along the base of the walls, you can see the new wood on top.  The blocks on which the seats sit date from before our restoration at this end.  In the other saloon they are missing and we will have to make new.

Micke tests ot the newly installed seat.  We hadn't told him they were not screwed down yet ...

best regards and God Jul from Stockholm, George!

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