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Thursday, 1 March 2018

'twas a Dark and Stormy Night

Actually it wasn't too bad outside, snowing gently and a cool -12 C.  The windchill however made it a tad nippy!  While the standard gauge commuter rail seemed to be suffering, and the E4, Sweden's main N-S road was a mess, the Roslagsbana seemed to be surviving relatively unscathed.

Meanwhile, in the warmth of our workshop, we continue with the myriad of small jobs required to complete No.33.

Bengt has been re-hanging the internal doors, this is the one between A-end saloon and A-end vestibule.  Note the original beveled glass, very nice!

Henrik has been manufacturing new seat supports for A-end saloon.  This end had the hardboard walls replaced with original style tounge and groove at an early stage of the restoration.  The seat supports were lost at this stage (they probably date from the 1940s rebuild anyway).  The new supports are now in the paint-shop being brought up to gloss yellow to match the walls.

Lasse spent the evening below the seats in B-end saloon making sure they were all attached properly!

The batteries for the emergancy lighting live under one of the seats in A-end saloon.  Soren seen here installing and wiring them in.

More small details being added.  Here coat hooks in B-end, which still retains the 1940s hardboard walls.

Down below the electrical guys have been checking the equipment that hangs there.  Herethe brushes for the compressor are being looked at.

Unfortunatly one of the junction box covers on the omverter has gone missing, we will have to find or make a replacement.

I continue to fettle the paintwork in A-end cab to bring it up to the same standard as the rest of the railcar.

 A homework project.  This is an old route map for the suburban services of the Roslagsbana that used to be in a frame in B-end cab.  The frame had disintigrated and the maps are clearly water damaged.  I am currently rebuilding the frame at home but must decide if we will reuse the better of these, or deploy an unused original that we have in our collection.

 That's all for this installment, all the best from Stockholm, George!

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