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Sunday, 16 September 2018

Out with the old, in with the (somewhat) newer!

Big day for RVT today.  Yesterday our youngest railcar, no.37 (only 80 years old), did its final run before coming out of service for overhaul.  At the same time our oldest railcar, no.33 (100 years old), left the workshop for the last time and moved over to our running shed.  Still much to do, mainly testing, before she can re-enter service, but we have completed all we can do in the workshop.  Things are slightly complicated by the fact that there is no overhead power into the workshop siding and the entrance to the workshop is too low to fit the railcars with complete pantographs, so the first job was to bring No.33 out and fit the pantographs for the final time.  We then borrowed a diesel from the Roslagsbana (itself a veteren of 59 years and still in commercial service!) to move the railcars over the dead section and to move no.33 over to the running shed.  Oh, and the track into our workshop is particularly poor so we didn't want to venture too far down it with the diesel, so used no.37 as a spacer to draw no.33 out, then pushed no.37 home by hand!  Anyway, here are a few photos of todays activities ...

Fitting the pantographs for the final time

No.37 makes its way over under its own power for the last time for a while, before coupling up to the Z6p

Bit of maintainence on the rarely used points

No.33 is drawn out and moved out of the way before the diesel set back with 37

We therefore dismantled the collectors before gently rolling her back into the workshop.

We then collected No.33 and, after a brief stop in the station to check clearances, we set her back into out running shed.

So here she it, tucked up with No. 35, our 1934 built railcar, in our running shed.  It has probably been a very long time since two wooden railcars have shared a shed on the Roslagsbana!

As always, best regards from Stockholm Östra!

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