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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Dry air and ceilings

A small group this week, 3 of us, with most people still away on summer holidays.  Fitting of the dry air supply to 880 continues with the seat refitted over the unit, it fits - just!  Now that's precision for you.

The detector is being mounted on the other side of the central bulkhead, it was decided that mounting it beside the unit itself might give us somewhat false readings!  Micke is also manufacturing a distributer for the outlet of the unit to help mix the dry air within the carriage.

I'm continuing with the ceiling on 33, rubbed down about 20% of it for the second topcoat.

Also manufacturing new trim to cover joins between panels, and ends of planks on the ceiling.  Now, in an ideal world, we would use ash, steamed and bent to shape.  This is not an ideal world!  Fir works OK if you soak it for a couple of hours in warm water then clamp it to a former (this being left over from stretching the canvas over the roof, so is approximately the right radius).

Rebuilding of Stockholms Östra station continues between our two sheds.  Here the new station throat layout begins to take shape

As ever, all the best from Stockholm, George!

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