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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

... and back to business

Now that fieldwork is over for the summer and a short holiday is sadly behind me, it is time to get back to regular posts.

While I have been away, a number of jobs have been progressed:

There was a substantial sag in the floor, just inboard of the access hatch for the southern bogie.  Rather than rip the whole floor apart, we decided to build up the area.  Bengt and Lasse have been working on this over the summer.

A new piece of oak has been let into the frame around the access hatch, and a steel band used to stabilise the old floorboards.  The low area was then built up with laminations of hardboard and sanded back to level.  The whole floor will later be covered in hardboard with new lino on top.

In the paintshop I found one of the access panels that sit over the doors, covering wiring and such.  Someone had started to renovate this one, so I added another coat of paint.

Here is one I renovated earlier, with teak trim added and in place.  It is held by 2 set-screws for easy access behind

Work has also been ongoing on the sandboxes at the north (B-) end.  This is the base unit of one hopper (that sits below the drivers seat) and the pipe that carries the sand down towards the wheels

The sandboxes are air operated, inside you can see the brass air nozzle (not in place) that blows the sand into the hole seen beside it.  Again, I gave this another coat of paint last night.

On the other side of the mainline, Micke and Daniel were busy installing a dry air unit into 880, our 1914 build teak carriage which, for the moment, lives outside

Meanwhile, on the Roslagsbana, major work was going on all around the Stockholms Östra site.  Here, their tower wagon (self propelled with a chain drive from a diesel engine in the lefthand metal box) sits on one of our sidings.

This beast, running on its own rails, was being used to set up a new double-slip at the station throat

Thats all for this week.  Updates should become more regular (every one to two weeks) now that everyone is coming back from summer holidays, etc.  All the best from Stockholm, George!

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