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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Catching Up : 2012

 I will try and summarise the work over the last 4 years, year by year.

The main focus of 2012 was the roof. 

 Peter, in particular, had spent a considerable amount of time smoothing off the roof boards and building up the corners with new wood

 Pele and Tomas on theroof running new cables along the cable runs.  The wooden channels for the cables are largely original (1940s) and we have been able to re-use them

The new canvas arrived from a local sailmaker and had to be manhandled up onto the roof

We bedded it in with a traditional mix of cooked linseed oil and carbon.  Here Micke seen adding another layer before the canvas is rolled out

 At the same time we were cleaning up and painting many of the roof fittings.  Here one of the covers for the resistor banks in the paintshop.

 Renovating pantographs.  Two needed so we renovated three to give us a spare as they are a common design to all our vehicles

Interior renovations continued.  This was the state of the corner of one drivers window, the joint rotted away by water ingress.

 New (recycled) wooden board incorporated

 Electrical rewiring has reached B-end cab, here the guts of the controller exposed
How the same area looked by the end of the year

Interior doors being renovated.  Stripped down, new wood inserted where needed and repainted

 Some hardboard panels in B-end saloon needed replacing.  We will restore this saloon to its 1940s hardboard panelled appearance, while A-end saloon has been restored to the original tounge & groove style.

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