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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Catching Up : 2014

The year started with further work on roof equipment, specifically the compressed air system that raises and lowers the pantographs.  This carried in all new copper pipework supported in oak blocks.  In the foreground is thebase for one of the pantographs (almost all the oak blocks for that could be reused from before) and the grey cable will carry the power from the pantograph.

Air pipes disappearing down into B-end cab

The air system was hooked up to our big compressor and tested.  Leaks everywhere but many things worked.
Including the horn!

 Cable way covers now canvased and painted in.  Vents in place and the copper earthing strips being laid out

 Final set-up and wiring in of the resistor banks by Bosse and Henrik

 Maintainance on the running fleet.  Micke and Soren on the 2-man spanner!

 Use of our flat wagon for storage of pantographs lost us our barbecue place!  We endure ...

 Moving inside, work has commenced on the inside of the roof.  New wood let in where splits or unnecessary holes occur.

 Light fittings being installed

 Windows are being renovated.  New teak let in where needed, putty renewed with original style red coloured linseed putty, and varnished, several times!

 Windows and frames being installed in A-end saloon

 And finally, No.37 decorated and ready to go out on our Luciatåg, pre-Christmas specials that run weekends at the end of November and beginning of December.

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