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Monday, 22 June 2015

Catching Up : 2015, the first half

The year started with everything on the roof pretty much complete.  Here you can see the resister bank covers in place as well as a smoothing capacitor and a vent.  Mounting the pantographs will have to wait until we take her out of the shed as there is not enough headroom inside!

A myriad of small fittings have been added inside

Including a pair of these rather nice original drivers desk lights

Interior work has moved to painting of the ceiling, Peter has taken on most of this, while the two Lasse's are replacing windows and frames

Remounted drop- and fixed-lights in B-end saloon

 Anything metal on the outside has to be earthed.  Many of the earthing strips we were able to recover and reuse, but some were made new.  Here, a lamp bracket ...

 ... a handrail ...

... and even the headlamps are all earthed via the chassis and wheels.

Henrik took on the repaint of B-end vestibule, the last major section of the interior to be repainted.  Antique White ceiling and our own mixed yellow based on a recovered sample from a door-jam where it had not faded.  Note the speed he is working to get that gloss ...

 Each April we take part in Tågsläpp, the annual behind-the-doors event at many of Swedens preserved railway sites organised by Järnvägsmusei Vänner (the Swedish Friends of the National Railway Museum)

 As our motorwagon shed and running set lie on the far side of the Roslagsbana's mainline, we run escorted tours across the tracks.

 I've been busy making new wooden trim for the ceiling to replace bits lost or broken.

 There are major upgrades going on at Stockholms Östra, including the laying in of new cables.  Excavations for this project revealed the old turntable pit.  Here Micke is doing a bit of archaeology to show the remaining walls.

The following week it had all been dug out.  Most of the fill appears to be old wood, maybe the turntable deck, but we did find a number of old car exhaust pipes.  We had a carefull look for old locomotive parts, but no luck!

 Back inside, renovations have moved to the footsteps.  A pantograph makes a great place to lay them out while the paint dries!

 So, with a picture of our two operational railcars basking in the sun, that brings me pretty much up to date.  There will be a short pause While I am working in the Swedish sub-Arctic again, but I will endeavour to update this blog every couple of weeks.

best regards from Sweden, George!

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